Pregnancy Seat Belt Adjuster



Having a Conventional Car Seat Belt on while traveling in a vehicle during pregnancy is extremely uncomfortable and in many ways unsafe for almost all Pregnant Women.

The pressure against the Pregnant Belly can be unhealthy to Your Unborn Child, not to mention the discomfort it causes you, on top of all the other discomfort a Pregnancy brings. Despite this, no matter how uncomfortable you are in these situations, it is not an option to remove the Conventional Car Seat Belt. It is illegal, unwise, and places your Precious Unborn Child in harm's way. Remember, you and your Baby have a life of Happiness ahead, and there is no reason why your Vehicle Transit times have to be uncomfortable and/or unsafe.

What happens during an Urgent Emergency Braking Situation? The extreme inertia force exerted on your Pregnant Foetus Area from the Conventional Car Safety Belt is potentially extremely harmful to your Precious Unborn Child.

With Pregnant Mothers To Be in mind, This revolutionary Pregnancy Seat Belt Adjuster was created and the design inspired by Expectant Mothers. Made by Mothers, for Mothers-To-Be. 

The Pregnancy Seat Belt Adjuster can be easily universally attached to a car seat to keep both Expectant Mothers & Unborn Babies comfortable, without any compromise in road safety. This Safety Belt adapts to securely fitting all seats and Expectant Mothers of all shapes and sizes.

Pregnant Women's Seat Belt – Walastyle

It is also suitable for people who've undergone and completed abdominal surgery. It prevents the belt from putting pressure against painful healing wounds and stitched areas, allowing any abdominal wound to heal without undue pressure during Motor Vehicle Transit Times


  • Safe & Comfortable - The Pregnancy Seat Belt Adjuster makes this Pregnancy Safety Belt sit across the Women's thighs, instead of over her Pregnant Belly which causes much discomfort for growing bellies. This also poses undesirable risks. The Pregnancy Seat Belt Adjuster allows the Pregnant Women Drivers to focus on driving more safely for her, her passengers, and her unborn child.
  • Easy Use - The Pregnancy Seat Belt Adjuster doesn't take extra time to Un-Fasten and Re-Fasten and makes daily travel safer with more ease
  • Multi-Sized - The Pregnancy Seat Belt Adjuster can be fastened tightly in The Motor Vehicle Seat, and it's secure and stable, and no matter what variant of the size you are, it works effectively and safely every time!


  • Perfect for Recovery - Anyone who just gone through an abdominal surgery, stomach surgery, or A Caesarean-Section will be able to heal properly without a belt damaging the wound during Motor Vehicle Transit Times!
  • If you use and/or switch Seats/Motor Vehicles Regularly, (for eg. from driver to passenger or own 2 Motor Vehicles or more) We Strongly Recommend Buying 2 Or More, so you don't have to keep moving the Pregnancy Seat Belt Adjuster, or worse .... traveling without one.


The Pregnancy Seat Belt Adjuster is designed, such that it sits across the thighs, instead of over The Pregnancy Area which causes unsafe and unhealthy pressure and discomfort for growing Expectant Mother's Bellies. The Pregnancy Seat Belt Adjuster allows the Pregnant Mother Driver to focus on driving so Motor Vehicle Transit Times are more comfortable and safe. 


The Pregnancy Seat Belt Adjuster prevents a Conventional Car Seat Belt from riding up over The Pregnancy Area and helps protect the Expectant Mothers and their Precious Unborn Baby During Motor Vehicle Travel.


Other products that try to mimic the Pregnancy Seat Belt Adjuster tend to pull the Conventional Car Seat Belt lower, but with some shapes and sizes of Pregnant Women, they still end up with the Belt over the Pregnant Zone. This then does not eliminate the discomfort and danger of having a Belt over your belly and Pregnant Zone.

Other products may also have a cover over the seat's cushion. This affects the functionality of seat heating and seat ventilation in many cases.


It's Honestly as easy as 1-2-3 for Pregnant Expectant Mothers to Fasten, Un-Fasten, and Re-Fasten each time You enter or exit the Seat Area. With practicality in mind, the Pregnancy Seat Belt Adjuster was designed so that you won't need to bend your head and look down to see if it is actually Fastened or not.

Our Pregnancy Seat Belt Adjuster is very suitable for Expectant Mothers 3 months into their pregnancy, all the way until Your Precious Baby Arrives.

Have You Just Been Through Surgery? 

For Pregnant Mothers To Be as well as anyone who had abdominal or stomach surgery, A Caesarean-Section, this Pregnancy Seat Belt Adjuster will prevent direct contact of the belt with your Pregnant and/or Post Surgery Area, and help reduce pain and discomfort without compromising your safety during Motor Vehicle Transit. 

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