Vehicle Battery Jump starter


You May Not Be Prepared For What An Extreme Power Loss May Imply.

The Vehicle Battery Jump starter is a 100% foolproof reliable safety net of electricity that will give you peace of mind of being independent, prepared, and safe…

You should always expect the unexpected - You don’t want to find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere... stranded with your battery dead, feeling helpless during a power outage! You should ALWAYS be prepared!

Because when it comes to the panic on the road, your battery dies, you're waiting for someone to give you some help, you can find some help, but sometimes you won't find anyone to stop for you or in late nights, or on dark roads to jump-start your car,  you are as good as dead on the road.

There's a ton of magical devices that came across and promised the world, but when put to the test they proved impractical – some were too bulky, others too heavy, some lacked the power and some were just a useless piece of plastic.

Until this Vehicle Battery Jump starter came out and that's when the life changed! you'll never ever left the house without it.

It is extremely powerful.

This amazing device can store up to 5 times more power than a normal jump starter and will start a 12V car during any emergency or weather conditions... No matter if it's +100°F.

It is truly versatile.

  • You can power all your electronic devices no matter where you are... jump start your car, ATV or lawnmower, power your phone, tablet, laptop, power tools, radio, and all other gadgets.
  • It’s extremely useful in keeping your lights or LED's (torch, strobe lights), SOS signs on when the power goes down.
  • It's the perfect power supply for camping, hiking, and hunting trips thanks to its generous and silent power storage.
  • Furthermore, it comes with 4 USB charging points for extra compatibility and coverage.

    It is compact and portable.

    The unit is about the size of a heavy-duty smartphone... so you can carry it in your bug out bag, purse, pocket, or car and always have an emergency backup power supply whenever and wherever you need it.

    Most People Can’t Believe It When They See It In Action!

    I can’t stress this enough, but you can use it to:

    • Jumpstart your vehicle up to 60 times on a full charge.
    • Inflate a tire in seconds... using even the cheapest compressor.
    • Charge your gadgets in under 30 minutes and double their battery run time using the 4A USB outputs.
    • Power vital tools and appliances even when you're on the move.
    • Work off-grid when the power goes out, even if it's out for days.
    • Cut your seat-belt, break the window on your car door and make it to safety using the embedded tools on the Power Kit... whether your car is stuck on train tracks or is 6 feet underwater sinking.
    • Navigate through thick forage in the wilderness even when the sun is nowhere in sight.

    If we can’t prevent emergencies and dangerous situations from happening, then at least we should be prepared.

    And this amazing device will have you covered no matter the circumstances.

    Here's what comes in the package:


    Charging mode: CC/CA 12.6V 1A
    Output: 5V-2A, 12V-2A, 16V-3.5A, 19V-3.5A
    Car boot voltage: 12V
    Boot current: 300A
    Peak current: 600A
    Cycle boot life: more than 3000 times
    Full charging time: 3~4 hours
    Operating condition: -4~140 Degrees Fahrenheit (-20~60 Degrees Celsius).

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