Wheel Rims Protector


Protect your wheels from scratches and bumps!

How many times has another driver's actions forced you to take an unexpected route? Even the most cautious driver's car is still at risk of damage on the road! Flawless driving is an important quality, but repairing damaged wheels is not always covered by insurance, even if it wasn't your fault! Imagine you're driving carefully when a distracted driver's maneuver causes you to swerve into that dreaded crunch of metal on rock. Even worse, picture lending your vehicle to a friend or family member who returns your pride and joy damaged! Don't need the protection? Treat your wheels to an easy pinstripe customization look!

Car wheel rims are an investment for your car. Repair cost for rim damages can be very expensive but with the Wheel Rims Protector, you protect your investment and save money in the long run! The Wheel Rim Protector gives your car an added edge and an instant boost on its appearance and value. While a good sum of money is required for these slick wheel rims to be in place, the cost of protecting them doesn’t have to be as much.


  • The Wheel Rims Protector is ultra-lightweight wheel protection from curbing. Supplied in 8-meter lengths.
  • Made from a semi-rigid plastic, it has a wall thickness for the superior level of protection and offer outstanding high-speed performance due to the reduced rotational mass.
  • The Wheel Rims Protector is the best protection you can install on your rims. You can save money from wheel rim damages. Mount the protection it needs, to anticipate those inevitable scratches, especially from those unexpected curbs. Scrapes are expected which is why it’s a smart move for even the most careful driver.

  • Easy to install yet gives a professionally made output. No need to remove tires to place protection.


1-Make sure to thoroughly wash & dry your wheels first, especially in between the edge of the rim & tires, with a car safe soap to ensure no dirt or water is left on the surface you're applying to.

2-Line the rubber strip up with the adhesive side down, & stick it along the edge of your rim. Make sure it sticks only on the edge of the rim & not the tire.

3-Firmly press down along the edge of your wheel.

4-Carefully cut the roll when you reach the start, & line it up flush.

5-For successful results, wait at least 24 hours after application before driving your vehicle! Make sure that your wheels are clean and dried properly before the product is applied. Dirt underneath the rim can prevent them from sticking properly. The adhesive is strong, but is designed to be able to be removed without leaving adhesive behind or damaging your wheels, so proper prep work is a key component for a successful application!

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